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Sex OutSide The Box

Date Added: August 14, 2012 10:42:42 AM
Author: Adam
Category: Erotic Stories
It all started with that cartoon, the one with bugs bunny not the newer bugs but the original bugs bunny. I just said look at that silly rabbit he should be getting it together with the girl rabbit and make some bunnies. For some strange reason she came over and started rubbing my cock until it was rock hard and started sucking on it like it was the last cock on earth, I know when to shut up. This maybe the sex outside of the box we have been talking about, shut up and enjoy, tell myself. Sat or lied their while she sucked me off like no other time before, I mean it was just so fantastic I blew my load and thought I took her head off she turned and spit in a flower pot sitting close buy and grab it again sucking it and licking the dripping cum. To say the least I had a smile on my face from ear to ear amazed and a little shocked I must admit, what got into her. More important can I do it again or it is a onetime thing, shut up and enjoy stupid, I did. Can’t believe I came again, not as much not blowing a hole in the back of her neck but enough to notice, she spits and smiles. I can’t help but smile as she is wiping some left over cum from her face she starts striping for me; I mean really doing a great little strip tease. She only has her pajamas on but it is starting to get hot. Rubbing her tits together and waving them in my face as I try to get a lick in before she pulls back, she smiles and continues to strip. Down to her panties and she is rubbing herself I start to see a little wet spot showing up in her panties. My cock is hard again, I can’t believe it. She grabs my feet and pulls me down off the couch I am on the floor on my back with a hard on that could cut diamonds; I’ve died and gone to heaven. She rips her wet panties off and slides her wet pussy on to my hard cock and starts moving up and down. Without warning she shouts out stick your tongue out slave and of course I do it she sets that hot wet hole right in line with my waiting tongue and a licking I a go, yummy. She finishes off with jumping on my still hard cock, I know I can’t believe it is still hard, and fucks me so hard I near faint she is screaming and having a great ole time. It is over she gets up and goes into the washroom and I hear the shower go on she is getting cleaned up. What a morning, what a Saturday morning watching cartoons, I wonder what set all of this shit off, only to make it happen again. No complaints coming from this guy, anything she says cut the grass, finish that damn shed anything. She comes out of the bedroom walks on by, throws me a note, and leaves the house in the car and gone before I had time to read the damn note. A bit scared at this point, I take a look at the note and it says I am going to pick up my mother up at the airport she is staying with us for the rest of the month, I look at the calendar it says it is the 2nd. A smile comes across my face and I think we said we wanted to try something new, some sex outside of the box and that was certainly outside of the box, can’t wait till my dad comes to stay with us for a while, you never know…