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When my mate got off with an escort on holiday I hid in the wardrobe so I could join in the fun

Date Added: November 29, 2013 12:52:24 PM
Author: Roni Hartell
Category: Escort Services
What is even more irritating is that he met these two absolutely gorgeous escorts during the holiday and he even managed to seduce them! These were very attractive, sexy, vivacious English escorts and I am certain that they are much in demand back home. On holiday they were clearly letting their hair down and having a whale of a time – that was certainly the case when we first came across them. We had been lured into a club with an offer of a free cocktail when we came across Candy and Mandy. They were pole dancing at the time and if that wasn’t provocative enough they were adding an erotic twist by licking their lipstick coated lips and making eye contact with all and sundry. I think a little alcohol was involved but never mind. Then they began a slow and saucy strip tease and eventually had to be escorted down from the stage by worried bar staff who could sense the atmosphere in the room was getting rowdy. It was at this point that my mate Kevin made his move. He is a slick one is Kevin and in no time he had the girls laughing and joking and I could tell that a fun night was on the cards. Unfortunately it was a fun night for the three of them but I was given the bum’s rush. I wasn’t prepared to miss out and so I hurried back to our hotel and hid myself in a wardrobe. I’m not averse to a bit of voyeurism and I thought I could play a practical joke by leaping out and surprising them. I stood in that wardrobe, all excited at the thought of snooping on the sexy scorts but I’m sad to say it never materialised – they went back to the girls’ hotel instead.